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What Can I Do With an MBA with an Accounting Concentration?

There is one good option for you = getting an MBA with accounting concentration. This can open the doors for you to a lot of different careers that go beyond merely “crunching numbers.”

Here are some of the things that you can use your MBA/Accounting degree with:

  • Advisor role for organizations
  • Compliance
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Payroll Services
  • Prosecution of financial crimes
  • Routine Audits
  • Thought Leadership

You can wind up working for a big company, a small company, the C-Suite, and maybe even possibly the government. You can also find yourself in these roles:

  • Advisory roles
  • Education
  • Management
  • Regulatory compliance

As you can see, it’s quite diverse. You just need to find the niche that you fit best in and then zero in on that.

You Can Be Invaluable to a Business

If you know how to use all the tools available to an accountant and you do it well, you could keep them from getting an audit. You could also be on the prowl, keeping an eye on the numbers and picking up any discrepancies. That way, you could help save your company any significant loss from possible internal theft.

Having an MBA/Accounting Degree Can Prepare You For Certification

There are certain certificates that you need to take in order to practice as an accountant. The CPA is the most important and popular one. Having an MBA with an accounting focus can help you pass those certifications with ease. In fact, you could find yourself jumping well ahead on the career ladder and becoming a chief financial officer. Some degrees lock you into a certain career path. That is not the case with an MBA – it can be used a variety of different ways, as you can tell from the list above of the different jobs you could have.

It Could Help You As an Entrepreneur

A lot of people are also striking off on their own to become entrepreneurs. It is important to have business and accounting knowledge. Could you possibly just hire someone to do your accounting for you? Yes. But it’s also a versatile tool to have in your own toolbelt. You can learn a lot about how business and finance go together and avoid making mistakes.

What Do You Study To Get Your MBA/Accounting Degree? 

When you are studying for this, you will have to take certain courses to master everything. Those courses include:

  • Analytics For Business
  • Corporate Finance
  • Economics for Business
  • Financial Accounting
  • Global Business
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Operations or Supply Chain Management
  • Statistics for Business
  • Strategy

These are the basic areas that the majority of business schools will cover for your course load. You may be taking a full-time course load or you might be going part-time. That will determine when you do graduate.

Narrowing Things Down

Those other courses are the basic building blocks for your MBA. Then you can see what areas you might want to focus on. Those courses include a couple of Financial Reporting classes, Financial Accounting, Cost Management, and Financial Disclosure Analytics, to name a few. If you see one of these courses grab your interest as you are taking the basic ones, then you can get more specific knowledge about your potential field.

Fortunately, you can get this degree in the comfort of your own home. Technology has advanced to the point where you can just study online and do all the coursework that way. This allows you to take care of the other busy aspects of your life: family, friends, and work. When you finish and get your degree, you can use them in the ways that we mentioned above. Good luck!

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