Seven Things We Waste in Huge Amounts

Water California, among many other places, is now in the grips of scarily intense drought. Yet, California still uses an awful lot of water. Golf courses and car-washes are obvious wasters, but agriculture is the thing that really sucks California dry. California as a whole diverts or pumps 43 million acre-feet of water each year… Continue reading Seven Things We Waste in Huge Amounts

Corn to Burn

Now and then I am forced to step back and realize that there are things in our modern economy, things we pass by every day and barely give a second thought, which are actually mind-bogglingly absurd. I’m serious; Caligula’s horse in the Roman Senate seems tame compared to some of this stuff. I happened across… Continue reading Corn to Burn

Don’t Worry. I’ll Fix It.

I have some good news for you, citizens. Your dysfunctional government gridlock has finally hit bottom. You’ve been thinking, “Why can’t some benevolent King just come in and impose a system that works?” Now, I recognize that democracy is OK, in theory. If you could be confident that your vote would be counted — and… Continue reading Don’t Worry. I’ll Fix It.