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What Exante Provides for Family Offices

For those who may not understand financial lingo, a family office is a private wealth management advisory firm that specialises in serving ultra-high-net-worth invidious (HNWI). What makes them different from traditional wealth management firms is that they usually offer a total solution to managing the financial investment and needs of a rich family or individual. However, not all brokers provide services for family offices. Fortunately, if you are looking to find a worthy investment firm that meets your financial needs, then Exante may be a great fit for you.

Exante’s background

Exante is a global investment firm that is geared towards professionals in the finance sector. This includes retail and individual traders, investors, brokers, financial institutions, and more. Founded in 2011 by Alexey Kirienko Exante, Anatoly Knyazev, and Gatis Eglitis, the company has regions worldwide and is regulated in all locations it has offices.

About Exante’s Family Offices Account

Exante offers professional and bespoke services through its Family Offices account. The first is easy asset transfer, where users can transfer stock and bonds to Exante’s custody. In exchange, Exante offers highly competitive custody fees. Exante also provides fast order routing to over 50 global exchanges with no re-quoting or slippage. Additionally, managers can manage multiple sub-accounts for their clients under a single master account. More specifically, the multi-account manager (MAM) module allows managers to allocate deals to an unlimited number of accounts, all in a single click.

As Exante is an EU-based brokerage firm, it is regulated in accordance with MiFID II. As such, Exante’ separates its assets from its client’s assets. It also safeguards the latter on segregated accounts in major banks, so traders can breathe a sigh of relief knowing their assets are in safe hands.

Exante also lets you leverage both classic and digital assets as a way to potentially get extra cash. However, it is important to note that this option is only available upon risk review.

Direct Market Access

Exante’s family offices account provides direct market access to more than 600,000 financial assets in over 50 global venues. With Exante’s direct market access solution, traders have the ability to place orders directly on the exchange and always have them executed at the best possible price. Through Exante’s powerful Chart functions, traders can always see the big picture of the financial markets and make data-driven decisions in accordance with their financial goals.

Order routing through Exante’s trading application is incredibly easy and straightforward. Traders first need to submit an order through Exante, and then the order is directed to an exchange immediately. If the order ends up being accepted, it is then placed and filled at the exchange, without interference from the trader.

Bond screener

Exante provides traders access to high-yield private placement bonds, margin trading and hedging. Some top-tier bonds include US Corporate/Government, European Corporate/Government, and Euronext Bonds. Exante further offers exclusive private placements in both developed and emerging markets. This means traders can access any of their 400,000 bonds worldwide on demand. Exante will even go the extra mile to add more offerings from exotic markets upon a client’s request.

The Bond Screener is an extremely powerful tool that allows traders to find and filter bonds by several parameters. You can quickly find a specific bond by typing its name or description in the search bar, and the Bond Screener can show up to 300 bonds from the same window. Some criteria you can filter include the bid size, quote time, ask size, daily volume, maturity date, session open, and more.

Exante also offers an individual risk assessment. Depending on the result, they may provide traders with the financing equivalent to an open-date repo with variable interests for borrowed cash.

Technology integrations

Exante provides plenty of technology integrations when it comes to trading. One such integration is their Excel integration, which allows users to access accounts, check quotes, and manage executions right from the Microsoft program. For those worried that these integrations may require coding capabilities, Exante states there are no programming skills needed, as everything happens directly through the familiar software package.

This integration can be used by Exante’s clients to create and apply unique algorithms of unrestrained complexity and also helps managers by generating custom reports for their clients. Additionally, users can also leverage Excel’s built-in capabilities to analyse market data, which can further help them develop and test pioneering strategies against the live market.

Customer care

For those worried about support, Exante provides bespoke customer care to all its clients, no matter where they may be. The team is available around the clock for any type of query and can be contacted on the phone, by email, or by chat. Exante’s customer care also provides multi-language support if your first language is not English, with languages including German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and more. Exante further prides itself in responding in under three minutes to any customer queries as soon as they get a receipt.

Personal Approach

One thing that makes Exante stand out from its competitors is its personal approach towards its clients. For starters, Exante allocates a dedicated Account Manager to every customer no matter where they are. Their Account Manager will help guide clients through the platform and help with any over-the-counter (OTC) deals and further issues that may crop up. Exante further encourages personal communication with Account Managers, including face-to-face meetings across the globe.

Proven track record

Another way Exante stands out from the crowd is its proven track record. The investment firm has been on the market for over 10 years and provides direct market access to over 50 global exchanges. Exante also provides dedicated financial services to a global clientele.

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