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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Ask Your Virtual assistant To Take Customer Calls?

It doesn’t take long for a growing business to be bombarded by phone calls.

Rarely will they only be beloved clients and potential new contracts.

Perhaps family (who gives the kids the work number?!) reminding us that we aren’t quite Elon Musk yet, and still need to buy milk on the way home.

Nuisance calls. As soon as your name appears on Google Business you will undoubtedly be taking multiple calls from listing sites, insurance brokers, financial advisors, etc.

There are only so many hours in the day to be saying, “Hello!” or “No thank you!”

However, before you jump on in there and ask your Virtual Assistant to manage the constant barrage of incoming calls – which they potentially can – take a second to review your customer journey.

1. Does your business proport to be a one-man-band, thriving on personal service?

This is not a deal-breaker! Even if your business has relied on you being the face and voice behind the phone for decades, most people are adjusting to the influx of tech into every business and less people face-to-face visits. According to Michelle from Virtual Hand “With some preparation, your Virtual Assistant will be more than suited to represent your values and customer manner.”

2. Do you have all of your services and associated charges clarified and documented?

It’s no good asking someone else to take your calls if you base what you charge your clients on how good their home-made jam is, or whether you saw them kick a cat! Standardised services and pricing is vital if you are going to promote your brand consistently.

3. Do you keep a VERY well organised diary that you never forget to add business and family commitments to?

There is very little more frustrating for a business owner or their customer service representatives than to need to call a customer back to rearrange bookings. It is vital that you either keep a clear, shareable diary or have clearly assigned, unbreakable times for client appointments.

4. Does your VA know your industry and the FAQ’s that most customers ask you on a daily basis?

Every business will have quirks and questions that only the ‘man in the field’ will know. Let your ‘telephonist’ know or create a standard preferred response for when a question is asked that they can’t answer.  This ensures your customer feels they can trust YOU even when the person on the line won’t be doing the job.

5. Are you prepared to hand over trust and control of your initial customer experience to your VA?

I once worked with someone who needed the support and went to every length to put the necessary measures in place to clarify questions 1 to 4. Then they micro-managed the system to death. Don’t be that person.

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